FAQs aboutSacred Creatures
00What is Sacred Creatures?

Sacred Creatures is a generation collection of 7,000 NFT Sacred Cards that invoke their respective 7,000 Sacred Creatures under the Arbitrum network. It's composed of 7 categories: Gods, Demons, Chosen Ones, Reincarnates, Wizards, Savages and AIs. Each category has different skill ranges according to its nature: Attack, Defense, Wisdom and Soul, which can be multiplied according to the rarity level of the card: Basic, Common, Rare, Very Rare, Exotic, Celestial and Epic (see rarities FAQ for more info).

The collection is prepared and designed to be consumed in a future multiplayer game under the Blockchain ecosystem, where you will be able to bet your Sacred Cards or an amount previously agreed with your opponent (see game FAQ for more info). Parallel to the game, Sacred Creatures is an exclusive and limited collection of NFT cards with cutting-edge dynamics and custom crafted artwork.

01What is a Sacred Card?

Sacred Cards are the invokers of Sacred Creatures. They are composed of a 3D model: On the front side you can see the name of the creature, the skill ranks and the category and type of rarity to which it belongs. On the back side, you can see the illustration of the Sacred Creature which the Sacred Card invokes, an exclusive and custom crafted artwork, which represents a random creature within the category and rarity level to which it belongs.

02What do I get when minting?

When minting, you get a Sacred Card and a Sacred Creature. On the front side you can see general information about your Sacred Creature: name, category, rarity type and skill ranks. On the back, you will see the representation of your Sacred Creature.

03How can I mint?

Simply navigate to the Mint page. There you will have a simple form to customize the number of Sacred Cards you want to mint and whether or not you want to give a personalized name to your Sacred Cards. Remember that Sacred Creatures is mounted on top of the Arbitrum network on Ethereum, therefore, you will need to have ETH available on the Arbitrum network.

04How can I move ETH to Arbitrum?

There are many ways to do it, but we recommend you to do it through the Arbitrum Bridge and bridge ETH to the Arbitrum network. Then you have to switch your network to Arbitrum, you can do it in Chainlist

05How much does a Sacred Card cost?

At the moment, each Sacred Card costs 0.05ETH and each Sacred Card with a name 0.06ETH. The price for upgrading an unnamed Sacred Card to a named one has no extra cost, only the difference: 0.01ETH.

06How many Sacred Creatures are there?

The first generation of Sacred Creatures is made up of 7,000 Sacred Cards, with their respective 7,000 creatures (1:1). Every future generations will also be made up of 7,000 Sacred Cards and will be released when all previous generations are minted.

07Are the artworks unique per card?

Yes, each Sacred Creature artwork is unique, as it is the type of card you get when minted. We are making a great effort to try to make each piece original and exclusive and not virtually identical to each other as is the case with the vast majority of NFT collectibles.

08How many rarity types are there?

There are 7 different types of rarity that have different impact on the skill range of each Sacred Card:

  • 40% Basic
  • 30% Common
  • 14% Rare
  • 6% Very Rare
  • 5% Exotic
  • 3% Celestial
  • 1% Epic

09Is there a Sacred Creatures game?

The Sacred Creatures collection is prepared and designed to give life to a multiplayer game under the Blockchain ecosystem where you can bet your Sacred Cards or a previously agreed amount with your opponent. We will also release Helper Sacred Cards that complement the Sacred Cards to add magic to the game. It's in development phase and we will start showing images of the layout and game dynamics by the end of the year (2021). We want it to be as interactive as possible and for that we need the support of the Sacred Creatures community.

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord.

10When will the Sacred Creatures Game be released?

We want to create a multiplayer game about the Blockchain ecosystem that is dynamic, interactive, beautiful and above all, fun. This needs time and money. For this, we rely on our community of Sacred Creatures, who will be the future players of Sacred Creature Game. To help us, you can spread the word on Twitter, be active on Discord and above all, Mint Sacred Cards, which will be your ticket to the game.

11Can I sell my Sacred Cards?

Of course. There are several ways. Through peers like: Smol Puddle and NFT Market. You can post all your Sacred Cards sales in our Discord Community. Also, once we launch the game, you will be able to bet your card in a game match.

12How can I see my Sacred Cards?

When you mint, you will see a preview of the Sacred Card you have just minted. To view your Sacred Card collection, just connect to your wallet and click on the My Sacred Cards button in the navigation menu. There you will be able to see all the stats of your Sacred Cards and their reference number.

TL;DR -> Connect your wallet and Click here.

13When will the Sacred Cards I have be revealed?

We will be revealing them gradually in blocks of 700 but we will also make surprise reveals. Stay tuned to our Discord group and Twitter channel.

14How can I get involved with Sacred Creatures?

You can get involved in the Sacred Creatures community through our Discord and by following us on our Twitter account. We are open to collaborations that bring value to the NFT ecosystem, especially in the Arbitrum network. You can alternatively write to us at: hey@sacredcreatures.xyz

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